I can’t

I can’t see you
I can’t smell you
I can’t touch you
And I can’t feel you
But, somehow, I know you’re there.
A distance, so brutally far
A feeling, so uncomfortably near
It fills me with want and desire
And I realize- I must not conspire.
I cannot think and can’t imagine
I fear if I do it will make me closer
While you remain out of reach
And probably with someone else…
I know I could be him… if I was there.
I can’t see you
I can’t smell you
I can’t touch you
And I can’t feel you
But, somehow, I know you’re there.
I long to hear your voice once more.
In the past it filled me with exhilaration
And then left me in despair.
Fill my soul once more with your proper tone
And then jerk it away, as we say, “See you in a bit online”.
I want to know feelings I never felt before
But will I ever experience your gentle touch again?
Or your warm breath against my neck,
As you solemnly whisper, “I love you, I need you.”
I can’t see you
I can’t smell you
I can’t touch you
And I can’t taste you
But, somehow, I feel I could.
Why does my heart beat so rapidly
At one little thought of you?
Why do I need for you to touch me, hold me
Press your sweet, warm body to mine?
Oh, give me pleasures I could never know….
I want you to teach me the wonders
I’ve never known and take me to levels
Never seen before by my soul.
Suck me in, let me drown…..
It would be like a baptism…… my heart with yours.
I can’t see you
I can’t smell you
I can imagine
And I can’t touch you.
Somehow I feel we’re beyond that.
We are two- united from the start
Meant to teach, to love, to comfort, and caress.
I could never let go of you
Even though there is nothing to grasp.
Even if it fades over time
It could never fade completely
And, one day, when I do see you…..
I’ll feel it’s you, I’ll know it’s you
The love, pain, worries, and curiosity
Will run through me once again.
I Will see you
I Will smell you
I Will feel you
I Will taste you
But, somehow… it won’t be the same.


It feels like my last days are coming. I may not be the best person in the world but it feels I have done my fair share of good thongs. I have never ever hurt anyone knowingly.

I have few thongs that I want to do before I kick the bucket. So I guess its time for me to make a bucket list.

My bucket list might get longer that I expected. I have lots of things->


Crying in the Agony of Love

There wasn’t any happiness before you came
My life was in darkness before you came
You came to me like a gliding star
But what was wrong with me
that you went so far.

I had all my dreams come true, When you were with me
But leaving me in the midst of sorrows, tears and pain.
Why did you free?

I still remember the day
standing, when I saw you
You were there by the stand,
and I was in a queue.

We endure each others eyes
Which then gave a feeling so nice
Your eyes seems telling me something very secretly,
Our eyes were closed but heart explained clearly
That day to me was very precious and rare
Things between you and me were going just fair

I had lots of dreams in me and my heart filled with joy
As I have found in the crowd of Human
only my girl and myself.

But suddenly…..

Upon our love, the luck had bad eyes
And all my cheerful days broke into tears and cries

I was going to be with you forever by your side
but black clouds fell upon us and
all our dreams died
There was thundering and crashing between
you and me
It wasn’t my fault and won’t blame thee.

You left me having my heart bobbed
Oh! my heart beat, my true friend
Please come back to me
I am alone here.

Crying in the agony of love
Crying in the agony of love
Crying in the agony of love